Unwind & Restore Classes

Unwind and Restore is inspired by the ancient practice of Yin Yoga. This practice is tailored particularly for patients with chronic pain as it focuses on deep breathing, relaxation, mindfulness and gentle stretch. Our classes are small in numbers, maximum four per class, allowing our physiotherapist to ensure that you are safely managing your exercise and ensuring that you are getting the best out of your practice and your life. 


Yin yoga: is a practice of stillness that focuses on stretching your fascia. The practice places you in a pose for 2-10 minutes while you focus on your breath. Yin is the balance to Yang (energy and movement). Our lives are so busy these days; we need to practice more Yin.


Unwind and Restore classes will be run by Marissa, a trained Physiotherapist in Therapeutic Yoga.

It is a safe and gentle practice that can be done by all.