Strengthen & Rebuild Classes

At Sydney Women’s Physiotherapy we offer tailored mat classes to suit your needs. 

Improve your core stability with physiotherapy-style exercises, inspired by Pilates, in a small class taught by trained physiotherapists. 


Our classes are a safe way to build up core strength and increase your body awareness by focusing on breathing, exercise technique and posture.


The Core

Everyone talks about core muscles these days but what actually is your core? The core is a complex system of muscles that span across your lower back, abdomen and hips. The roof of your core is your diaphragm (also known as your breathing muscle) and the floor of your core consists of your pelvic floor muscles. Your core is responsible for keeping your body functional in everyday movements e.g. standing and walking, sitting, twisting, bending and lifting.


How physiotherapy exercises can help

Physiotherapy exercises dynamically strengthen the muscles around your shoulder girdle, back, abdomen, hips and pelvic floor. By strengthening the core muscles you could help ease back pain, improve your balance and posture, reduce symptoms of incontinence, and allow you to lift heavy objects without excessive stress on your body.